Stock seat questions.

I was wondering, which trim packages came with the seats that have that nifty lateral support feature? It may be called side bolster/side support. I’m not sure. Do the leather ones have this?
Also, which other models of car have seats that mount right up to stock rails?

I know GS has it and I know LS does not

? i have an ls and i have it…or is it because im weird:tsk:

i have um to in my ls… im pretty sure it was put in almost every car. i think the rs was the only one that maybe didnt.

i’m also curious to other cars that have direct bolt in seats for our car. i’ve heard of people getting the prelude seats and such be what car would have the best seats for direct bolt in?

What you do is swap the sliders/rails from your original seats to the new ones. I know a guy here in AZ that swapped the rails from his 2g Teggy seats onto Del Sol seats and put them in the Teggy. He said it took him 3hrs to figure out how to mount the seatbelts but he got it done.
So really almost any seat will work, its just getting the rails/seatbelts(if you’re keeping them) to mount that will be the majority of your work.
I would imagine most seats from similar year Hondas will have a relatively close bolt pattern on the bottom of the seat.
First, you should get the measurements of the bolt spacings on your seats-the bolts that hold the rails to the seat not the rails to the car- then just take the same measurements on your prospective replacements. If they don’t match you have two options; 1.Redrilling your rails or 2.Make bolt-on adaptors(use your imagination and relatively strong/thick steel plate and bolts similar to those built into the seat-this is your life in those seats mind you).

Just my .02

sorry my LS didn’t have it (if we are talking bout the lever on the right side of the drivers seat)

if you’re talking about the lever on the right side of the driver’s seat, i have it on my rs…

Thanks for the info Preludicrous.

as for the lever i have it in my LS but it doesn’t seem to work though.

Those levers didn’t really do anything. It was one of the “features” of the DA. The most it did was raise a small bump on the back of the seat.

If I’m not mistaken, that level raised what seemed to be a lumber support for the back. It worked on a ratchet-like basis such that as you cocked the lever the lumbar support was raised. On the third cocking of the lever, the lumbar support reset back to zero. Beside that lever was a knob that seemed to widen or constrict the side supports.

yes that is exactly what it does ls does not have that

your LS doesn’t have it rather:D mine does but it doesn’t do much.

My LS has it. You must have gotten shafted from the factory. :shrug:

stupid question but wat purpose does the lumbar serve

It’s supposed to support the lower part of the spine (ask a Chiropractor for a more complete description).

Yes, but the lumbar support it gave was minimal. When the car first came out, that “feature” was a joke around the dealerships I dealt with.

I’m not referring to the instant-sciatica causing lumbar support lever.
My LS does have that and I thought it was universal accross the integra line-up.
What I’m talking about is the adjustable side-support, that stiffens the sides of the seat against your bum.
I’m thinking it was an option on gs/gsr, or maybe I’m just making stuff up.
Anyone have this feature?

^ there is the adjustable side bolsters, but that mainly presses against your kidneys. I have it in my GS. As far as bum-hugging I think you’re makin stuff

I have a GS, and I love the side supports, how you can close them…unfortunately I have mine as tight as they can get but they dont’ hold me tight enough :bawl: I need to gain some weight or something