Stock USDM fog light wiring problem

Alright, so i’ve had my teg for over a year and the fogs have never worked. and lately i’ve been getting fed up with that fact, i want them to work now. I want them to light up yellow, but before i get there i just want them to light up. So i started snooping around and i read a thread that said how to remove the fog light (again this is USDM), so i did and i found out that the fogs are cut. Here are pics and which wire do i connect to which ?

here is the fog light and the cut wires can be seen trailing behind it:

i then opened the cover and to expose the inside housing of the fog light and found more signs of previous tampering with the light:

Now, i wanna know if anyone knows which wire from the fog i connect to these wires here (assuming these are the wires for the fog lights) :

Any info would be much appreciated, thanx .

I would think the black is ground and then the red that has power on it when you turn on the head lights and the fog light switch, not sure what the other red is for, unless it’s the “daisy chain” for the other side, the fog light 12V+ wire on the 94 to 98 is blue/red, not sure what it is on a g2, but it will be the one with power on it. :hmm: 94

alright, cool. i just wanted to hear it from someone else, im a bit unsure of my judgement sometimes. Thanks :up: