strange noise when starting.

occasionally, my car will refuse to start. and instead of a clicking noise, or no noise at all, there’s a bussing noise coming from under the dash…

alternator is bad? maybe

starter relay. mostly does it when cold right?

not when it’s cold, yesterday it wouldnt start and it was like 90 degrees outside…

i can jump start it and it starts right up, but when i shut it off, it won’t start back up. when i turn the key, the starter won’t click, but the relay (that’s what it sounds like) busses… if its been running long enough, when i turn it off, it just keeps going until it drains the battery.

main relay maybe??

if its the buzzzzing you hear under the middle of the dash its the starter relay. main relay would alow you to crank but no start.

ok, so when I turn the key, the relay under the dash rapidly clicks, busses…

but when the key gets turned off, a relay under the left kick panel rapidly clicks, bussing, and keeps going all night. its coming from a silver box, is this the ECU? it has a sticker on it that says “belt warning system 12v”

well the one box is a what the name says it is. i dont know why its clicking when your key is off tho.