stripped bolt that holds rotor in place

i stripped the head of one of the 2 bolts that hold the rotor on the hub… do i have to get a shoop to take it out now? and is the part avail at acura/honda?

are you talking about the little screws

well the same thing happened to me, what i did was, i took my drill, and just drilled the head off.

there really not nessary. the wheel is what really keeps the rotor on. there just there to hold it on while the wheel is off. -that is what i was told


Impact Screwdriver… Get it, Know it, love it… :burnout:

Use the drill, and forget about the screws, your tire will hold it in place.
If you’re worried about having a screw then drill it off then get a bolt extractor.

yea i got the screw out but hammering a flat head in there and just screwing it out… thanks guys… but yea im not using the screws for the rears nemore… but the fronts i used them cuz the rotors i got came with ones for them…