Strut Bars

Alright i have a 92 DA with ABS ive been looking for the right strut bars forever im not quite sure wat to get so guys enlighten me on wat u think woud work best for me.



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I’ll recommend a rear ST bar and stock front w/poly bushings. Thats what i got and it’s a huge improvement.

I think he means the bars from shock tower to shock tower, not the swaybars.

I have a silver ebay bar on mine. It’s a tight squeeze, and you have to move the abs plug out of the way of the bar’s arm, but it fits. Most other name brand vars are stiffer, though having a cheap bar is way better than no bar. Top of the line options are spoon or maybe ben ogle.

There is a list somewhere on this site of brands that fit abs tegs.

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My bad…for some reason my eyes read “sway”.

Strut bar is no different and even more talked about.

Back in '04…

With a little extra work, you can still fit most non-abs bars.

I have a megan racing upper rear strut brace… awsome build quality, going to get a megan upper front soon to…
megan makes good stuff

Megan Racing front STBs don’t fit DAs with ABS.

Vision/Spoon/Skunk2 bars will (they’re pretty much the same thing with different brand names.)

Sport-Service RS-R front STBs for DA9s will work but they’re Japanese and rare as hell.