Strut Tower Bar Fitting Problem

I bought a Megan Racing front strut tower bar for our cars and I’m having problems getting it to fit. I have a 90 GS (with ABS), but the ABS is not the issue in this case. The problem I’m having is the bar is hitting the dashpot before I can even get it bolted down. I’ve got like an inch and a half to go before I can get it to fit properly. The car has the stock B18A1 engine in it. Does anybody else have this bar? (I remember seeing another member with it installed but they had a different intake manifold) I might try putting washers under the mounts tomorrow, but I’m not sure that is going to fix it.

Also, can I see some pictures of struts bars on ABS tegs? I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to get this Megan Racing one to fit and might have to sell it. :down:

yea, i wanna see some pics too of bars fitted to an abs teg, and how they clear that round metal piece, that is attached to the intake manifold. I have seen strut bars snapping it before. Call me a noob or not, and tell me to search, but if pple reply id be happy and im sure tekon would be too :dance:

theres something in the teg tips about fitting a non ABS strut bar to an ABS car… not sure if the pics still works… or if there even is pics(i forget)

There is? I’m not seeing it…all I see is one for the rear lower tie bar.

look at teg tips adn click HERE then go to page 4 and it should be there tell me if you see it :cross:

Oh I thought you meant the regular Teg Tips, not the forum.

you can find it on both locations

I can’t get it to fit no matter what I do. I’ve tried washers and everything, guess I’m going to have to sell the damn thing. :mad:

Just take the dashpot off, you do not need it. Then, take the front peice of the throttle assembly off because it will catch the strut bar. Then you will be set. I would show you a picture but I just sold my Teg.

lol, yeah I know it’s not needed…but that’s where I run into another problem. My dad won’t let me take it off, and I don’t really want to take it off anyway. If the brackets were just a little taller it would fit perfect.

If the brackets were a bit taller you wouldnt be able to shut your hood