stupid, stupid valve adjust

Tired and in pain, I tried adjusting my valves Sunday and couldn’t figure out why they were so noisy until tonight when I realized I got metric and English units mixed up (Remember the Mars probe loss a few years ago?)

So, they’re set way too loose, and they’re noisy. Do I have to re-adjust them immediately or risk damage, or can I drive very carefully, keep RPMs down 'till next weekend then readjust them (when I have the time).

Also, should the rocker arms move side to side when that cylinder is at TDC? That seems strange and suggests some wear problem.

you KNOW you adjusted them wrong, I would change adjust them again asap

I did re-do them this evening, solving the noise problem. I discovered how to remove (and replace) rocker arms when one popped out. I suspect that having a rocker arm pop out while the engine is reving is one of the big risks of running with loose valve adjustments.