subs for a 4-door...

i did some searching and found a thread on people’s favorite subs, but no one mentioned whether they had hatches or sedans. i went to Best Buy today to look around and one of the sales guys said tubes and sealed boxes are better for hatches and bandpass boxes are better for trunks. so, i bought a bandpass box for a 12" but the friggin thing is huge! i can’t get it in, even through the fold-down seats. i can swap it down for a 10, but before i do all that, i thought i’d ask what the 4-door crowd was using. i’d like to know the follwoing things:

1-box type
2-sub size and qty
3-sub brand

i am not looking for high SPL. sound quality means more to me, but i also like to bump some west coast rap once in a while. i thought the 12 would fit this bill, but the box is just too big. :frowning: ideas/suggestions?

I have a sedan…i have 2 10’s in a sealed box…i did have a bandpass but it has no bass with the seats up…i recommend 2 Speakers with a sealed box. Bandpass boxes are good for hatches and sealed for trunks. I only have the 10s because i got them with an entire system from a friend but i would prefer 12s. But sealed boxes are a reqirement for the sedan.

i got 2 12" in my sedan, all i had to do to get it in was deflate the spare tire, and take off the top of the rear seats, and slide it out, takes few extra minutes, but it sounds dope, so im ok with that

so the sales guy got it backwards? sealed in trunks and bandpass for open areas? the two repsonses so far sound like sealed boxes are the way to go. i need to do some more research…

Actually the sales guy got it wrong. Enclosure type doesn’t depend on the vehicle, but the subwoofer used and application. Generally sealed enclosures will have the best Sq, and be smaller. Ported enclosures will generally be louder and be larger than the sealed. They are also a little harder to build. If done right, a bandpass enclosure can work great. But 90% of the setups using them are done poorly, and so they sound like crap IMO. You can’t just drop a driver into an enclosure and expect to get good performance. This is the most true with bandpass setups. They are very difficult to get right.

Please explain what you are looking for, and what drivers you are using. Then someone can let you know which setup to go with to optimize your performance.