surging, roaming, hunting idle

My idle started surging about a week ago after I cleaned my throttle body with an air intake cleaner. Since then I have read up on the Teg Tips for roaming idles and have since cleaned my IACV as advised and also screwed my FITV screw all the way down. Neither of the two have stopped my car from surging however I did find out after plugging the FITV hole on TB that it wasn’t sucking in a lot of air (a slight suction was felt but no difference was noted in the idle once I did it) another suggestion was to plug the upper hole on the TB for the IACV and if the idle dropped and nearly died my problem lied in the IACV and not a vacuum leak which is what happened. So would everyone agree I need a new IACV since I have already cleaned it out and still am getting a hunting idle? The only test I have left to do is that of putting power to the IACV and seeing if I hear a valve click open or something which I will try tomorrow at work if I could pull my car in from the snow. Also when I plug the lower hole on the TB for the FITV should I feel no suction whatsoever after warm up, because I did feel a slight suction on my finger not nearly as much suction as the IACV hole had but like I said no change in idle?

I had (have) the SAME problem. Took it to the shop and they said I need a new IAC valve so that’s what I’m doing. I figured I’d try to put some carb cleaner on it just to see if it was gunked up (works for others, cheap fix), but I guess I need a whole new one… eBay has em every so often for around $40 used… alot better than $300!!

Good luck if you havn’t got it fixed already,

Yeah thanks for the advice but beware buying them from Ebay because the auctions say “all Civics, Integra’s, etc…” but they’re actually different. I’m not sure what yr is different from which but I pulled one out at a junkyard from a 92-93 Integra and the bolts don’t line up at all and it was much smaller than the one on my car, also noticed a 96 Integra in the yard with the same IACV so maybe it’s an OBD0 vs OBD1 thing? If you look in the Sponsors section of these forums you’ll see an Official Acura Dealer Sponsor (or whatever the title is) on there and he quoted me like $185 for a new one which is pretty good price compared to going to a dealer personally.