SUS. help

guys this matter has been bugging me for a while…i used to have koni yellows and neuspeed springs which was extremely bumpy. i decided to change the springs a while back becuase my car was dropped ugly. so now i have koni yellows all around, rear has ebay coilover sleeves with the neuspeeds, front is just coilover sleeves along with some ebay crap…(the sleeves are ebay crap too.)

MY Dillema: the car rides like shit…worst than my old setup…i know buying ebay shit is crap…but my boi’s da9 is dropped way lower than mine and his car isn’t as bad as my ride. so do you guys know exactly what i need to change, maybe the bushings on the trailing arms and lca’s…
i will buy tein ss in the near future but if my car is still gonna ride like shit then maybe spending all that money for the ss’s maybe not a gud idea… please help

i have no clue what are you talking about???

rear has ebay coilover sleeves with neuspeed springs? you aren’t supposed to use regular lowering springs with coil over sleeves.

front is sleeves with ebay crap?

if your mixing different types of springs and brands, then thats your problem. your not supposed to mix different types of springs. there is a reason why companies sell springs as a set and not pair.

maybe you should use springs that are all the same brand on all four corners instead of mixing.

what are the yellows set to?

they are set on 3…