Suspension Problems

This problem I’ve been having somewhat, but seems to have increase since installing the Full-Race traction bars. . . The problem is that when I take off from a stop, I have a lot of suspension movement. . .I actually hear a clunking sound and it makes the same sound through 3rd gear UNLESS i’m like slipping the gears in PERFECTLY. … and when I mean perfectly, I mean like a sissy. . . I have to really baby it in to gear in order for it to not make a sound. When my brother was observing from the outside of the car, he said that he can physically see the wheel move like in a back and forth movement when I’m starting from a stop. . . Before I heard that, I thought it might be the motor mounts so i replaced all questionable mounts with new ones and got the ES Inserts and the problem never went away. . . I’m wondering if you think its the suspension bushings or the ball joints??? I’m planning on getting both done anyways, i just want to know to be pretty sure that It’ll solve my problem. . .Driving my car is becoming more of a pain than a pleasure since it has been doing this. . … I think its the bushings but I’m not sure. . The reason i think that is because it kinda seems like it would makes sense. Since the radius rods are now a solid piece instead of a rubber bushing at the end, it would put more pressure on the bushings that i have on there now. Which as of now are about 15 years old with over 200000 miles on them. . . Seems like it would be able to do some damage on old bushings. Any insite would be GREAT. . .thanks guys. .

balljoints, bushings, wheel bearings, bolts not torqued to spec.

could be any of those.