tail lights don't work

I was putting in some clear corners and i saw that one of my wires were spliced and cut apart from rewiring i had done ealyer…While messing i with the wires it touched a set of other spliced and twisted wires and a spark and some smoke came off. Now my gauges dont’ work and neather do my tail lights. My tail lights work when braking, just at night when i turn my head lights on my tail lights don’t turn on unless i break. I think it might be a fuse what do you guys think…THANX.


Yes, check your fuses. If any of them are broken, replace them. Otherwise, check back here.

its a fuse—there is a circuit that controls all of the lights that go on when you turn on your parking lights (parking lights, clock dimmer, gauge lights, taillights, stereo lights…)

the fuse is located in the inside fuse box, not the underhood one. Its super easy to replace.

ay it worked thanx guys…

geez i just came across the same problem last night…:sad: but instead i was messing with the bumper and corner wires and splicing it so the bumper lights stay on, something happened, and now the gauge light doesnt turn on, and the parking light is all out…i checked the fuse, nothings wrong, my friend said it could be a burnt wire? HELP!!!

Don’t just check those fuses if there is a problem-replace them, it is cheap enough to try. I suggest you replace fuse #1 and #11 in the car, just in case.