Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust Bumper Gap

I just replaced my stock exhaust with a Tanabe Medalion Touring. Problem is there is a huge gap between the tip and the bumper - about 1.5" - 2". If I raise the rubber hangers (with zip ties) and set the muffler completely flush against the gas tank, the gap shrinks by .5" at most. Anyone else have the same problem with this exhaust? Any ideas / suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks.

I have the same exhaust and it fits like that. I am going to replace the mounts in the rear and bend the hangers on the exhaust up. I think the problem is because the mounts are old and the new system is a heavier stainless one. The oem replacement part # is 18215-SH3-J01 if you’re interested in doing the same.

I doubt new rubber mounts would help because I tried to push it up by hand eliminating the sag mounts with the muffler pressed against the gas tank. That took at most .5" from the gap. I’ll try to bend the metal hangers. Thanks for the info.

I have the 90-91 model on my car which is a 93 with a 2 inch extension near the cat and it fits like a glove. you can probably take it to a muffler shop to see what they can do shouldn’t cost more than $30. i think the rear bumper on the 90-91 is shorter or something cause mine looked the same way you describe on the previous owners car

they have polyurethane versions of the hangers that probably wont stretch down as much as the regular rubber ones.

you’re thinking about something else… OP was talking bout the gap vertically between the tip and the bumper

and the difference between 90-91 vs 92-93 isnt just the bumper…

Hey hmd_teg and BlackDA9, did either of you get your Touring Medalions to fit closer to the bumper? I can’t find pics anywhere of this exhaust on a DA, but it sounds like fit is an issue with this exhaust. Thanks in advance!

i have a tanabe medallion something, i think its like concept g or something. it fits perfect. my muffler sits at an angle that i didnt like at first but its growing on me. lmk if anyone wants pics ill clean it off and take it to a parking lot somewhere tomorrow :tapfing:

pics would be great, b20teg. I’m trying to decide which catback to get, and the more pics, the better. Also, if anyone out there has a good pic (like from at least 5 feet away from the car so I can see how well it fits the bumper) of a Tanabe Touring Medalion, I would really appreciate that, too. I’ve got a 91, so if anyone has a 90-91 DA with a Touring Medalion, all the better.:gotpics: Thanks!

like i said its a tanabe medallion for sure, as far as i know its the concept g. but idk it might be what youre talking about. mine is a 90 so it would be the same as yours. give me a min and ill get you pics. i was meaning to get them anyway to post in the exhaust thread

its the concept g, i tried to take a pic of the badge but didnt wanna have to put it up on a jack. sorry my car is so dirty, its been raining non stop for a week here :frowning:

here is a video, sounds alot louder cuz of a leak coming between my header and cat :frowning:


thanks for the pictures, and it sounds really good in the vid. If I get a canister style exhaust, that’s at the top of the list. Still leaning towards the stock style Touring Medalion, though. btw, you must have a good radar detector…:manual:

So, I’m still looking for pics of the Tanabe Touring Medalion on a 90-91. Anyone?

i hate my fart can, sounds nice when the leak is fixed.

im prolly gonna get a cheap greddy sp2 somewhere or make a custon one stock style

Sounds ALOT better in person, that video does it no justice!:shrug:

don’t mean to jack your thread, but how does the medallion touring sound compare to the medallion super hyper?

I don’t have first hand experience with the touring medalion, but the Tanabe site has a few sound clips of a B16 civic hatch with that exhaust. That’s as close as you can get on their website to what our cars would sound like. Also, there are a few decent clips on youtube of the Touring Medalion.

There used to be a good clip on youtube of the super hyper medalion, as well, which seems to be very similar to the touring medalion, just louder. And less expensive. I can’t seem to find it anymore, so I guess the owner removed it.

Let me know if you can’t find any of these clips, and I’ll post links.

yeah. i just saved up enough money to buy the super hyper medallion, but it turns out that it is no longer made from Tanabe and has been discontinued. So I might just get the medallion touring. i love tanabe products anyways

From what I’ve read, I would say the Tanabe Touring Medalion sounds like its a higher quality exhaust, anyway. However, I think you can still find the Super Hyper Medalion if you look around.




The guys at auto city imports seem very helpful, so I’d go with them. They have both the Touring Medalion and the Super Medalion Hyper for good prices.

i have this same exhaust i love the sound but hate the way it sticks way out in the back another thing if i turn left or was it right lol i forget but one of those ways i think its left though but when i turn left it hits up against my lca and makes a weird noise i also thought of cutting part of the tip off to make it look better but im affraid of how it will make it sound i love that concept g muffler i wonder if u can get just that rear section and add it to my exhaust

Hey negusjuda, thanks for the info. Can you post a picture of what you don’t like about the fit? Do you have a 90-91 or a 92-93 Integra?