That's not suppose to happen...

So the other day my car took it in the ass end. Guess I should elaborate. It caught something on the front driver’s side of a 1999 Volvo S70. Basically what the point of this thread is. Can someone tell me what piece would cause the rear passenger tire to toe in in the front(aiming towards the front center of the vehicle). I’ll try and get a picture up tomorrow for a better understanding of the situation. It looks like my car has 4-wheel steering.:stare:

Could be a bent trailing arm or compensator arm.

Ouch. Yea, I think a few pics is going to be needed. :gotpics:

This seems to be the only file that the mystical G2IC machine will only let me post. So here’s some food for thought. What do you all think?


:bump: :bump: Yeah, tell me something I don’t know. I became the Volvo owner & the cops b*tch that day. What was so bad about the situation is that I was on my way to an interview… What a sh1tty day that one was…
I have pictures of the underside car view, but I’m not able to post the pic. Anyone know how to resize an image to fit into the G2IC specified format?

another one,

you know when your in a da when… the cop and volvo owner :owned: you

sorry about what happened, you need to replace maybe the spindle and lca, the hell with it “replace it all!” This happened to my friend when he hit the median…ouch

What exactly happened here? I mean like whose fault was it?

I would have to guess from the looks of that pic, that the trailing arm, upper contol arm, and LCA are toast. Without pics from underneath those are the best I can come up with. You may wan to see if anyone is parting out a Teg near you.

I have pics of the underside as well. If someone has a way of lowering the size of the picture to fit the G2IC format

Post them on & they will be automatically sized to 640x480.

Underside pic

Photobucket only resizes pics that break that 1MB barrier. Mind doesn’t seem to do that

I’ll get the front underside pics tomorrow when the sun is out.

Does anyone know someone selling these parts from a parts car ANYWHERE? Gen2 Integras getting parted out aren’t exactly common where I am. They’re usually brought back from the dead and made drivable. Which is the way it should be, but someone has to be parting one out…

I think you will just have to look around in the FS section. I found a whole bunch on the east coast, but not too much in FL. Here is one in VA with all stock parts, no mods.

I think you are going to need everything I mentioned earlier + maybe its just the angle but is the shock body bent too?

Also, whoever installed your exhaust was not doing you any favors. They should try avoid placing the welded seam down since it will promote rusting. It is best to have it up top. An old buddy of mine used to work at a national chain muffler shop that instructed the techs to do this since it was no problem to just replace the muffler/exhaust, but labor was never covered so customers would have to pay that.


What part did you break or bend I am in orlando and have the running gear from 3 cars. Let me know what you need.

I currently don’t have the tools to disassemble the whole section because I accidently left my set in a friend’s car. Who lives furthur south. Issue, issue, issue…eh? I believe what Wrath has mentioned is what’s wrong personally. The LCA look as if it could be out of spec, but that’s with it still connected to the car. As far as I know my exhaust is straight from the factory. I haven’t done anything with it. If it could go a single month without having a maintenance issue. An RS*R unit would replace the current. I don’t think the shock is bent… But it’s still sitting in the car so inspecting it hasn’t occured too throughly yet…

RX3, I believe what Wrath mentioned is a pretty good list of what I need. Mainly because if a single peice is out of alignment then the whole thing should be out of alignment. I’ll send you a private message with my contact number to talk about the needs n’ such

email me and I will help you

Well, for anyone who’s curious. The tire came off with a little bit of force thanks to RX3. I owe that guy a case of his beer of preference. Yeah, so the upper control arm and the compensator arm are bent straight to hell. Not broken though. Which furthur proves. Imports do it better:clap: :clap: Thanks to all who have helped along the way. It was greatly appreciated.