Throttle boddies

Would a throttle body swap add more hp? If so which one would be the best one to go with?

nsx? wont add hp tho.

without some internal work, it won’t do much, but with some cams, pistons, IM and a 3" intake, you’ll notice a difference.

When I installed the Spoon 70mm and a 3" CAI. It made a pretty noticeable difference on my setup.

what like 2 hp? come on man i did everything from stock to rebuilt head with 95 ls mani, taper bored gsr tb and cai…i didnt notice any gains with the cai or tb…its all sound. i liked it when i just had the head and 95 im. that was a sweet setup. looked real clean.

when you’re doing an N/A build, every little bit counts…whether it’s 1whp or 5whp. If you’re talking $/hp, then it depends what’s done performance wise.

Define a rebuilt head. I don’t know what you have, but I’m talking more than bolt ons. I’m talking both head and block work (i.e. big cams & pistons). Your motor will have to move enough air for the stock TB to be a bottleneck, before you start seeing a significant gain. (Hence why it was one of the last mods for me).

Last year, I dyno’d at 157whp; 131lb/ft…this year I dyno’d at 180whp; 141lb/ft.
Differences since last year?
Crower 404s (were 403s)
Spoon 70mm TB (was a stock w/ overbore)
Custom 3" CAI (was a AEM CAI for an LS)
Hondata S200 (was a custom tuned TechTom chip)

When i put on the 70mm TB and 3" intake, throttle response improved throughout the powerband. More low-end to high-end. How much? I don’t know, but it was enough to give me a smile and think “this is money well spent”