Throwing code & bogging

Swaps throwing a code. ANd cant go past 3grand without it bogging, up till then its ok.

Tired of this motor giving me problems. Peice of shit.

Going over to buddys house to see if i can hook it up to his computer to see whats wrong. I think it’s something with the distributor.

It’s a crank sensor code , so my best bet is to get a new distributor.

What year is it again???

the car is a 92 the motor…00 Gsr

What ecu are you using? Sounds like CPS (crank position sensor) and if it is this it will be throwing a code. Do you have a CEL? If so check the codes and get back to me here I will walk you through this. I have the same swap in my 90 4dr. I am OBD0 but that is not an issue.

I have a check engine light. My buddy has i setup that makes the check engine light blink to identify the code being thrown and it blinks 4 times. The sheet we have says that 4-signifies a crank sensor.

couldnt i just get a new distributor? seems like an easy fix. :hmm:

Oh and yeah its early…been up all night playing gt4 :rockon: kick ass game.

yeah CPS is def gonna cause some problems… Changing the ECU is option no one. Changing the CPS is option no 2… You make the choice.