throwout bearing goin.....

so i can hear the infamous gravel sound coming from the tranny. and was curious as to how long i have before it totally jus goes on me. and i dnt have the money right now for new clutch and everything(dnt really need one the clutch only has like 30000 miles on it)so wat i am asking is when i go to replace it wat other things should i freshin up in there while i have the tranny off.


umm, the gravel sound is 9/10 times because of a bad transmission input shaft bearing in the tranny, not the throwout bearing. I just got my new bearings in the mail, i’ll probly tackle the project next weekend.

ok well i’m jus gonna get a new clutch and everything… ok so if its the input shaft then y does the sound go away once i push the clutch in.

could also be a pilot bearing mine exploded, and that what was making noise plus it some what damamged my clutch.

Thats what the noise is. If you step on the clutch and the grinding noise goes away, its the input shaft bearing.

If the clutch is pressed and you hear the grinding noise, then its the throw-out bearing.

Thats what i concluded after having this problem and searching the forums.

I have the same noise. Its not bad, but you can hear it. My teg only has 143k miles on it…

ok so if its the inpt shaft bearing then, can i buy a clutch kit and the problem will go away or do i have to buy the input shaft seperate… also do i get a clutch kit for 92-93 integras since i have a 92-93 xsi with a ys1 tranny.

If its the input shaft bearing then the best thing to do is get a complete rebuild. The shaft bearing is inside the tranny case and it will have to be opened. Since its open, might as well do the whole thing at once.

Since you have a 92-93 xsi with a YS1 trans, you will need a 92 + clutch. A clutch from an Integra Type R would work great on it.

ok so this is how the noise started out… it started out one nite as a whoosh sound like wooooooosh then would go away when put the clutch in then it turned into the gravel sound and would go away when i put the clutch in. and if it is the input shaft wat happens when it gowes out? and thanx for the clutch info.

can anyone tell me wat hapens when the input shaft bearing goes out?.. also how much is a new one.

Also, can you replace it with just taking the trans off the car? Or do you have to take the trans apart?

as posted above you will have to rebuild the transmission (IE take the transmission apart) to fix the problem. Good time for a better ratio FD and LSD :clap:

I just went through the same thing with my '93 GS 5 speen Manual … Same noise, whenever the clutch was out.

Sent the tranny to the shop to get rebuilt. To my knowelege, there are four bearings in there, and a few seals. According to the shop (I have dealt with them before and they have been honest, but I don’t put my hands in the fire for anyone) the tranny bearings are quite expensive. they charged me $500 to completely dissasemble the tranny, paint the case, and re-assemble with all new bearings and seals.

This was just the cost of the rebuild. I removed and re-installed it myself.

$500 isnt too bad a price for a rebuild, well to get more specific, did they replace syncros too or just the bearings and the seals?

according to them, syncros were in perfect condition… They said if it wasn’t for the two blown bearings, they never would have guessed that the tranny had 164,000 miles.

So the only “parts” that i know of were all bearings and all seals.

ok so in a few weeks i’m gonna be puttin the new clutch in and puttin in the new input shaft bearing. jus want to make sure that when i buy the input shaft bearing i get it from a 92-93 integra gsr, since i have a 92-93 xsi with ys1 tranny. let me know thanx

you do realize that the bearing is inside the transmission right… you will have to dissasemble the transmission to change it.

Just want to make sure you don’t think it is outside like the throwout bearing. If you have the mechanical knowelege to tear apart the tranny then by all means.

I think I probably could have done it myself. I rebuilt the motor myself, but decided I didn’t want to mess with the tranny (fear of the unknown) so I sent it to the shop.

Alot of parts I wouldnt want to mess with…

ok well the input shaft bearing is in the clutch housing right before all the tranny case. so technically u could say its in the tranny but its right before it. and can sumone jus comfirm wat my suspisioins are that i need to get everything from a 92-93 gsr. thanx