Timing belt problem...I searched and tried

ok I have done everything that Max had said on his previous posts about doin the timing belt and I have read Dan’s cam gear write-up.

here is the problem…my timing is extremely advance. I made sure that everything lines up at TDC by turning the crank a few rotation and everything lines up (gears r lined up and the white mark on the crank is at the pointer). However when I start the car and check the timing via a timing gun…the red mark is really off…I retard the distributor and still it is really off.

l lll (about a 3/4 inch gap)

the first mark is where the pointer is at and the following is the 3 mark on the crank pulley. This is with distrubtor retrded max.


I’m having a hard time remembering, but the 3 lines are just 0 degrees, and like 2 degrees +/- aren’t they? And then there’s a 4th line beyond those 3 lines that is 18 degrees BTDC which is what the mark should be at when you check your timing.

I think… though it’s been a while. Anyway, take a close look at your crank pulley and I think you’ll see a 4th line.


You are shorting the test connection on the inside of the car on the passenger side right? Some people don’t remember to do this and it really makes timing hard (i.e. impossible). Since our cars cna advance and retard the timing automatically you have to turn it off to set the base line timing.

i have the exact same problem ricerman got!..help.

Ur cam gears and crank pulley should actaully be off. Um…I guess I’ll just tell you from experience.

A freind of mine had teh same problem, and by the eye everyhting seemed to line up. The only reason I could tell was the screwdriver trick = stick a screwdriver into ur spark plug socket so that it touches the piston. (No. 1 cylinder) I had the mechanic rotate the motor, to find that right before TDC, the screwdriver already began going down (the screwdriver SHOULD be staying at the top at TDC, then slowly beginning to go back down as u keep rotating hte motor). So I told him to re-adjust the cam gears, and voila, problem fixed.

What you can try redoing:

Set the cam gears at TDC (ensure this by the hole in the cam lining up with the cam holder, the UP sign on the gears are pointing up, the marks at 90 degrees line up with each other, etc) and take off ur timing belt. Stick the screwdriver into No. 1 cylinder, and use both the screwdriver AND the crank pulley to decide that u’re at TDC; the screwdriver will go up before TDC, and RIGHT before TDC and RIGHT after TDC it hangs around at the top…so u want to get it in the middle of that spot.

Now put the belt back on the gears and try again.

Thatz all I can think of…



just reread ur post…

what timing gun u using?

does it have a degree dial? If so, then u actaully go by the white mark on ur crank pulley. so say dial in 18 degrees, then line up the distributor wiht hte white mark.

i just have a cheap timing gun nothing fancy just flashes like a strobe light. Thx for your help