timing problem

i rebulited my ls/vtec everything is in order with the helms manual.
my ? is when i chk my timing it is close to tdc can’t adjust it back down to 16. how do i fix that or do i have to have my crank pulley rekeyed after i dgree the cam.

help please i think this may b one reason on the histation.

msd 7al
msd coil
msd wires
pr3 pistons
b16a head
b16a ecu
b and m FPR
reactive 4-1 header
topspeed 96-98 civic freeflow cat

still in the tune phase that is harder than buliding the thing

Ignition timing? As in with a timing light, you can’t set 16 degrees BTDC by turning the distributer housing?



that’s right i can’t put it back by turning the dist cap

It could be that your belt is off by one notch on the crank pulley. That happened to me, except the opposite – i couldn’t advance it to 16.

thks i will try that man

That’s what I say too. If you can’t make fine adjustments with the distributor, you probably were off a little on cam or crank position when you reinstalled your timing belt. Don’t you love these repeat suggestions???:horny:


Did you fix the problem?
I have the same thing except I can’t retard it to 16 degrees, even if it is fully retarded.
The timing belt isn’t off a tooth because I checked

i don’t know how it got that way but they was right on my cam pulley the intake cam was retarded really bad and the exhaust was a little advanced so i had just enough overlap to allow the motor to run. but i had a misfire sometime while just driving along.
i think it got that way because i was using a b16 timing belt i am now switching to a gsr timing belt i think it is about 10 millmeters longer i hope that fixes my last problem so i can start to tune it for max power

thks guys for the help

Whoa… is that the right timing belt? U hafta have the VTEC oil pump gear (and I think the VTEC water pump too) in order to use a VTEC timing belt… That’s what I read when I did my swap…

Now obviously if the motor’s running then that’s probably not a problem… But just to throw this little bit of info at ya my LS/VTEC uses a B18A timing belt. It was crazy trying to find those marks though compared to LS cam gears I was like: “Uhh… where are the marks?” took me forever to find them on the outside edge of the gears. lol. stupid me.

Good luck.


you sure the engine is at normal temps? is it idling at 750?


it worked thks guys she runs good now this weekend fuel pump and mit 440 injectors in stall