Tires are rubbing??

Hey I was wondering if anyone knows why my tire are rubbing? I have GS stock wheels and Falken Azenis and I take corners really hard and my car is only lowered about an inch, if even that. Any clue what I can do about it?

dont take those corners really hard:lol:

Yeah right, the day that I don’t take a corner hard is the day that I go off a cliff.

Where is the tire rubbing?

I have 15x7 wheel with a offset that pushes the wheel out more almost flush with the body. and I know my one driver rear wheel rubs on tight corners, but I’ve been grinding/bending away on the inside of the fender. Also I think when I’m auto-x my front passenger wheel rubs the inside of the splash guard that covers the radius rod, but that’s only at full lock and barely noticeable.