Tokico Illumina w/ ground control coilovers?

Does anyone have this setup on their teg? If so, are the coilovers bouncy or do they ride smooth?
Or does anyone have the Tokico Illuminas with lowering springs?


i have that setup and i love it …not bouncy at all …my car rides better than my friends with H&R and also rs*r …i keep the shocks set on 2 all around …

Sweet!!! Good to know… I had been considering that setup for a while now, just wanted to make sure it was a good smooth ride!
Any complaints on it at all? Thanks

na not at all i really like it …and when there at 5 which is full hard its stiff as a rock …but i only use that setting when i go to the strip …

Cool! Thanks for the input!

I don’t know if this is helpful but I ride with
Illuminas on Suspension Techniques pro
race springs. I really like the predictability
and response of the feel of the road with this
setup. Is it a little on the harsh side of ride
quality? Yes indeed. Did I mention the race
springs? If set 3 rear and 2 front it makes a
decent agressive daily driver. I am looking
into running GC coilovers with my Illuminas
now because I like the idea of height adjustment
for those seasonal changes. Unlike many of you
I only have one vehicle and it hums along through
snow and ice…

aka neex

I have the Illuminas with H&R race springs, and it’s not too harsh or too soft. It’s quite good actually. Cornering is pretty smooth and the car doesn’t sit too much. It would be nice to adjust rebound though. The only thing is I find that it bottoms out… every little part of the road really concerns me now which really sucks.

Is the car just too low in this case?

im about to get that same exact setup.

does anyone know if there is a drop limit on the illuminas like there is on the HP’s? i dont wanna void my warranty with these H&R springs.