trans. id.

Okay my friend had bought a B16 swap and the transmission went. He is admiting nothing but he can’t remember the car that it came off of. I’m pissed because the only thing I need is tranny and clutch. I don’t want a ls. The sticker that identifies it is long gone.

After all of this i thought to myself. Isn’t the differant years of cars have differant clutchs. What is the differance between them?

88-91 civic and crx
90-91 integra
92-93 integra

Would you for $400 buy this mystery trans and an ls motor? With a clutch that is garbage.

if there are no grinds i would buy it

I beleive the only difference with b series tranny is cable or hydro. all the cars you listed have cable tranny = b-series cable clutch.

if you would search, this topic has been beaten to death here! I answered this question about 5 times in the last few months…differences are input shaft splines for the clutch…you can’t fit a 90-91 clutch on a 92-01 tranny…so please stop saying the ONLY difference is clutch actuation (hydro, and cable) this is false information and this can guide somebody in the wrong path and make him/her spend money for nothing…search and you will find the answer.

Well sorry, maybe you could post some links for the guy instead of ranting.

maybe people should learn to search, and maybe other people should learn not to post information which they have no proof of being correct…

$400 for an LS longblock and trans is not a bad price depending on year, condition, mileage, and what all is included. Going rate for newer b18b and b20 longblocks is about $400-$500 depending on the details. And going rate for ys1 transmissions is $250-$500 depending on condition and whether it’s the short or long geared version.

the problem with the transmission is nobody knows where it came from besides that it works with B-series cable. Their is no sticker on it.

I don’t want to guess what clutch is going to work. can some one tell me how many input slipines are in each differant year set. Try finding that with the search menu this will tell you what code works with what clutch…but spline count you got me on that one, never actually took the time to count them…on g2ic you probably wont find anything on actual spline count…only way to tell is count them in the clutch yourself and try get your hands on example, either 90-91 clutch and count the splines, or get your hands on 92-01 clutch and count their splines and make out the difference yourself, then make a thread on here giving the spline count for any future noobs and become a g2ic hero :ohyeah:

Great post g2-r…
Colin- maybe people do search and dont come up with anything.

g2-R: unfortunately he said his sticker is missing… so that post isn’t gonna help.

ramone167: That could be the case, but not in this instance. This topic has been covered so many times in the past 6-8yrs its absolutely insane, there is info ALL OVER. You’d have to be nearing mental retardation not to be able to find it.

In regard to spline count… I’m not 100% sure, as it’s been yrs since I have researched clutches. But from what I remember the spline count does not actually change between the years. What I do know FOR SURE is that the diameter of the input shaft is larger on the 92+ b series transmissions. There may or may not be a post which gives actual shaft diameter.

my apologies…hope you get that tranny identified, hatchgs

that’s true. but what i am wondering, if since the shaft is slightly larger, if one has more or less splines than the other…would be something interesting to discover lol. only reason i told him to get his splines counted is because i know he doesn’t have the ID sticker, so actually counting splines comparing his clutch to let’s say a 90-91, or 92-01 tranny would help him know which one he’s got (let’s say the 92-01 has more splines than the 90-01)

i just got lucky and used the clutch and cross refferanced it. B16