trouble reinstalling shocks/springs on car

ok, so i’ve solved my problems locating a spring compressor, i compressed the spring, i reintalled the top hat, and when i went to put the shock back on the car i noticed that the hat wasn’t aligned correctly. if i put the fork in the right place, the two threaded posts at the top aren’t in the right position to fit through their holes, and vice versa.

am i supposed to align the top hat correctly before tightening down the bolt? aka just eyeball how the hat needs to be situated in relation to the one way the fork fits on the strut assembly?

none of the online tutorials make mention of this, probably because both G3 integra articles i can find presume you are installing lowering springs and therefore (a) you don’t need to compress the springs to install on your shocks, and (b) there will be no pressure from the spring on the top hat without the weight of the car on the strut. if i can actually get these on correctly i am going to write a G2IC newbie spring/shock install guide for everyone who is going to be tackling this for the first time, since not only are there no step-by-step instructions for our cars online but there are none that include instructions both for lowering springs/coilovers AND springs that are either stock or lower minimally (i am usin H&R OE sport, .75" lowering).

yes you have to install the top perch in the right position before installing the nut on the strut shaft. Let me guess… you installed the top perch so that the end of the spring was in the notch of the rubber bushing under the top perch. The problem is that lowering springs very rairly start and end in the same position as the factory springs.

In your case you might have to remove the top hat and align it then reinstall due to the length of the spring (only .75). On springs that lower the car 1.5 or more you can just twist the perch into position because the springs are shorter.

The notch on the bottom of the front struts faces twords the motor.

awesome, thanks for the info. yes, these springs only lower .75" so they put a lot of pressure on the top hat - i’m going to have to compress the spring slightly so i can turn the hat into the correct position. as long as that’s all i need to do, i should have these on the car in a little while!

GOT IT. g2ic bails my ass out again! =)

ps - i’m seriously writing a noob guide to this once i’ve finished up.