Trouble Removing Rear Panel

Ok, so I want to remove my tailights and I ran into a problem. I’m trying to remove the rear panel to get the little suckers. But I ran into a problem with the 3 phillips head screws at the bottom (one screws in just above where the jack goes and the other 2 are off to the sides of it). The one above the jack came out no problem, but the 2 on the sides just turn and turn but they wont come out. I’ve searched and apprently no one else has had this problem.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

try sticking something small in between the plastic screw and the plastic circle piece and pull up while turning, or try using less pressure turn it or even use an electric drill and it should come off but If that doesn’t work force it out if all else fails

pliers are your freind, just pull up on the screws hard they’ll come out

:up: Thanks

I ended up jamming a knife under the black plastic circle and just pulled it along with the screw up and out.

Now to get the 12 rusty/stuck nuts off the taillights