tuned prior to new build now ???

I could make this long but I dont feel like typing all that much right now. Anyhow, got my motor rebuilt with forged rods, pistons, rings, headgasket, seals, headstuds, etc… and put a b18b head on and had it resurfaced and ported & polished. I had my car tuned for 8lbs of boost on hondata through 450cc injectors all on a bone stock b18a motor. Now I am running the same boost prior to getting it tuned again with the same compression and everything but the car sometimes backfires a little at idle. I am pretty sure the new head (being ported out and all) is allowing more airflow so if anything its running a little lean which is bad so what can I do with my SAFC settings wise, to richen it up a bit before I get it to the dyno in a week or so. Note that the SAFC is zero’d out right now, I just use it for gauges etc. Any idea’s?

Holy shit…you are running a freshly built motor and you dont have a wideband on that thing?

Backfires usually mean richness and if you are running too rich you are dancing a FINE line with getting your rings to seat properly and jeopardizing your entire rebuild.

Either break-in with known tuned (stock) maps or get it on a wideband/dyno right away.