turbo manifold

i want to do a custom setup…ive got all the parts from my 1st gen talon…my only problem is the manifold…where can i find a inexpensive exhaust manifold? can another manifold fit? can i make a custom one? ive seen some custom ones where you need to make a plate…what manifold can i use? thanx…Nathan

some people use their stock manifolds with adapter plates but I wouldnt recommend them, although some have had good luck doing that. There is a company in Florida called South Florida Performance (I THINK) that makes custom manifolds. I know some one on here has one so maybe they can give you more info.

thanx for the reply… ill check on it!

Ive heard that South Florida Performance does make great manifolds. Also I think they offer a three year warranty against cracks which is nice. My friend with an LS/VTEC Turbo is getting one I think… I’ll see if I can get more info. Evan

thanx for the help…please ask him how much it was too…thanx

I have a machinist that I use to help me fabricate turbokits for hondas. My buddy bought this manifold off of JG and my machinist copied it. I am selling this manifold with or without wastegate provisions.

With 350U.S
Without $375

I have not had any dyno runs with this manifold but it has gone 10.50’s in my friends Civic (all out race) @ over 135mph. So it defenately works. Check out the manifold on my webshots site under teg. http://community.webshots.com/user/ricketts100