TURBO setup coming together/ check the pics

Here’s my link. Don’t mind the messy garage, it will soon be back to normal. http://community.webshots.com/user/ricketts100 As for the s h i t box, it should be up and running in 2 and half weeks, I hope. Look under teg for pics. Holla back and let a brother know what you think.:smiley:

nice!:shock: buick… what are the specs on that thing? Everything looks pretty good, are you doing any internals on the Teg? and what kind of intercooler is that? looks almost like a large OEM of some type

Looks good, MIKE. What did you do to the block? Did you get your ZDYNE, already?

Thanks guys. My mods are as follows:

B18A block bored 20 over
Eagle rods
SRP forged pistons
TypeR oil pump
STR blockguard
ARP head studs
B18A head ported by JG
JG 1001 cams
AEM cam gears
Skunk2 intake manifold
65mm throttlebody
450cc injectors
3 bar map sensor
B18A LS tranny
Stock flywheel lightened from 18 pounds to 13
Clutch Masters Stage3 clutch and pressure plate
Aluminum crank pulley
Buick Grand National fuel pump ( works great, supports big hp & fits intank )
Zdyne Gold ecu
B&M adjustable fuel pressure regulator
JG turbo manifold
Richard Lee wastegate (supports 800hp, took that off my Buick too)
T3T40E A/R- 60 M-10 turbo (Stock Buick Grand National turbo modified)
2 1/4 intercooler piping
Buick Grand National Intercooler modified for front mount
HKS Super Seq Blowoff
Taylor 8 mm wires
After market fuel filter to replace the stock junk.
2 1/2 inch downpipe
2 1/4 exhaust (just until I get this sumbitch started to change it to 2 1/2)
I will be running 12psi daily with Sunoco94 octane and the occasional 17 to 18 psi with race gas. I don’t like putting numbers on how much power its going to make, its like putting the cart infront of the horse. So we will just say, stayed tuned. I plan on dyno testing it very shortly.

GarrettG2- The list of parts is ten times longer on the Buick then the Teg so I will just say its a low 10 sec high 9 sec street car with the best of everything. I have been running 10’s with that car from back in 93 so thats my baby.:stuck_out_tongue:

That buick is very nice. My friend just bought an 87 GN with 70k miles on it, exhaust, t44, and intake for $7800. Do you know any boards or anything you can refer him to? Or if you want to talk to him on AIM his name is Rusticovts tell him Matt Henze sent ya :slight_smile:

:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

Very nice, always loved those… and the integra sounds like it’s gonna be a BEAST! Love to see the numbers once you get everything finalized

hey mike are you gonna cruise by my store anytime soon…i’m waiting to see your setup… bring pictures too…i’ll put them on the PI wall.

Very NICE!!~!!~@~~!@ Wish i could finish my car ;/
Money is tight. But man thats a killer setup! Good work, keep it up!

Put the motor back in this weekend. I am shocked at the amount of space I have infront of my turbo. the compressor side is a good distance away from the rad, but the exhaust side is about 3.5" away from the rad (total bonus, the stock rad fits with lots of room to spare) . Everything fits perfectly. I had my buddy cut the front bumper to accomidate the intercooler. So far so good, no stresses or cut fingers so i guess its been a success so far. I will update these pics later to show you guys the progress.

Zyban-I am coming in tomorrow to grab that valve cover paint off ya. Gotta make everything look sweet.

Formz TSi- i will post some links for ya later.

I just updated my link so check out the progress. http://community.webshots.com/user/ricketts100

yeeeeeeeeeeeehaw!! Looks good :slight_smile:

I’m glad you cleaned up that IC, when it was black and covered in crud it didnt look too nice :slight_smile:

Formz TSi- Here are some links for your buddy.
http://www.gnttype.org/ great for everything pertainig to Buicks
http://www.turbobuick.com/ same with this one.

Ya the intercooler looks much better now.:stuck_out_tongue:

cool thanks!

how did you get your block and tranny so clean and silver? Did you paint it or polish it? When i got my block cleaned and everything at the machine shop it didnt look half that good.