type R ecu??

does anyone know were i can find a 95 type R ecu?or which is the best ecu to use in a LS w/type R engine?

I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as a 95 type r. They didnt make them till 96. I could be wrong though. Unless it was one of those pre production 96 cars that was made in 95. I would use an obd 1 p28 and chip it to Type R specs. Just my thought.


its just an engine. and they did make them in japan in 95

They also made a 4-door type R

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do you know where i could get engines parts and stuff like that for a 95 type R?

well since its a japanese car, Japan, i know it doesnt help much but there isnt very many in of those in america to start with. and the few that are the owners arent likely to part them out.

you might try ebay though, every once in a while they get some rare parts on there. or maybe sites like http://www.hmotorsonline.com/shop/ or http://www.passwordjdm.com/ they might be able to find the parts you need