typeR pistons + honda part numbers

2 questions…

  1. Are the USDM Integra type R pistons (year 2001 I looked under I think) and camshafts, avail from www.acuraautomotiveparts.org, comparable to CTR pistons and cams; how far off are they? type-R’s make good power and torque, no? the price is good here, $37 / piston+ $27 / ringset and $300 a pop for camshafts, new.

  2. Anyone have a source for looking up actual Honda part numbers, not bullshit, secondary numbers…the honda dealer is closer to me by a stretch than acura, and they are too lazy to get part numbers cross-referenced…
    example: the valve cover gasket is 12341-PR3-000, but honda dealers (not all hopefully?) can’t tell you if that will work on your acura…of course it does, but pain in ass to call acura, get part number, give to honda.

researching a b17 rebuild / buildup


here are some part numbers for you.
these are all for a 2001 type R

standard- 13010-P73-A00
OS 0.25- 13020-P73-A00
standard- 13011-PR3-003
OS 0.25- 13021-PR3-004
intake- 14111-P73-J01
exhaust- 14121-P73-J00

working in the parts dept. of an Acura dealer has its perks. :slight_smile:
let me know if you want anymore part numbers.

also if you want me to cross reference any acura part to see if its a good honda number i can find out for you as well. as you very well should know alot of the parts on our acuras can be bought at honda dealers and vice/versa.