Unexpected Proplem

I got my ecu and i have had if for a while put just put it away w/ all the other parts for my car, But for fun i went to go put the ecu in and wire the vtec controller i go to put the ecu on the bolt under the passanger seat but i forgot i bought the ECU spoon direct from Japan so the bolt patter is different so how do i mount the ecu in there where it won’t be hurt.

I assume you are takling about putting a obo b16a ECU in your 1990 teg under the passenger side floor. Two bolt holes line up, but the other two don’t. Just cut off the two studs that don’t line up and just use two nuts to hold’er down. You may have to get on a angle to read ECU codes latter through the ecu cover. But at least you won’t have to take off the cover. If you never have to read codes after you get it running I will just have to call you lucky or a witch doctor :shock: