unknown device making a rattling sound

Ok, on the front right (passenger) side of my 92 GSR there is a small round canister looking thing. It makes a rattling noise. It only rattles when I’m in gear driving though, I confirmed this by jacking up the front end and letting the car run in first. I first didn’t know the sound was coming from this thing, but after I stethescope-listened to it with a screw driver, I knew it was making the noise. The way it rattles is it makes a whirring kind of rattle for a few seconds, stops for a second or two, then rattles again, etc. The round canister thing is not visible from the engine bay, you have to look under the car to see it. It is directly under the battery, close to the radiator plug. I’ve searched through the Haynes manual from front to back and I cannot find out what it is. On the side of the cannister thingy there is writing, so I washed it off hoping maybe it would tell me what the device was. Get this: The writing on the cannister is all in french! :wtf:

Does anyone have any idea what this mystery device is?? Any idea why it’s rattling?
It isn’t really causing me any problems I don’t think besides the annoying sound, but I want to find out what it is and fix it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Is it a sphere? The ABS system has a sperical accumulator mounted to the front crossmember right under the battery tray. Helms, chapter chapter 19 page 37 for a pic. As for what’s wrong or how to fix it… sorry, can’t help there.

yeah, it is a sphere

so whats the exact name of it? ABS accumulator?
I’m looking around for the part to see if I can’t find a replacement or something

yes, accumulator. I listed the page in the helms manual so you could read up on the subject… You can buy them new from acura, but i’m pretty sure they cost more than its worth. Also, it may just be normal cycling, I know taht Schu has talked about normal abs cycling.