Upgrading my 91 ls

Hi I can use any help you can give me. I had this car for about 6 months. I have some money save and I want to ugrade the engine and everything i have to to make this car racing worthy. I am thinking about the b16 engine, but I don’t know what would be the best to get. What all would I reallly have to do to upgrade the engine, and how much do u think it would cost?

My old roomate has this forsale if your interested!

Complete B16a swap w/ brand new excedy clutch, fidanza flywheel, all the maint items water pump timing belt all oil seals, spark plugs ect. I paid a little over $2000 for the engine alone. I will sell the whole swap with all these extra parts for $1500. I will also deliver any where in OH. It comes with a virgin PR3 OBD 1 ecu and a JDM YS-1 short geared tranny.

DO NOT GO B16!!! I have had a 93 integra with a stock 1.8 and I have a b16 in my 92 teg now. B16’s do not have enough torque for the heavy teg. I have more topend but lost the bottom end. My 1.8 would probably beat my 1.6 in the 1/4 mile. I am not happy with the 1.6 at all I’m currently (slowly) working on an ls/vtec turbo. Save the 1.6 for a crx or something if you wanna swap go b18c or turbo. just my 2 cents

The B16 is a worthy engine if you like a VTEC setup. I prefer the powerband from a non-VTEC engine, so I kept my B18A1. It really boils down to personal preference, although there are some who will argue to death that the B16 is superior.

…of course, there are a few that will argue the opposite, I suppose. :slight_smile:

save up for ls/vtec. but first throw a close geared tranny on ur b18a1 such as a b16 or gsr tranny. it makes u accelerate quicker.

throw a vtec head on ur ls and turbo it? :shrug:
short geared tranny is the best mod you can do. b16s may not feel “torquey” but they are fairly quick compared to a stock ls. do a whole shitload of research and save all of your money. if you have the money, then just look around for a good deal. this is your car, do your own research and decide for yourself. good luck man.
ps. what type of racing are you into? have you tried it yet? almost all racing is best to start with a stock car, and work from there. it gives you the best feel for your car, and really will help you improve your driving.

that was well put! Nice to see someone giving the owness back to the comsumer for the purchase or possible mods. It’s obvious you have some knowledge, most would have told this guy their personal preference. Not the correct info like you (START WITH STOCK) great advice.:bowthank:

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B16a1 s1 tranny runs like stink… :run:

ya turbo it. or get a b18c

welcome to a dead thread… but did you really expect your b16 to be fast?