Using directional tire as a spare

I plan on replacing my temporary tire with a full sized spare. The only thing is, the only good tire I have right now to use as a spare is a directional tire. If I were to get a flat on a side of the car that would make this spare run opposite to its tread, would that be of some concern regarding driveability? (At high speeds or in rain for example)

This might not help but here it goes. It should be okay to drive on dry pavement but on wet, icy, snowy(florida, I know) it may not be okay. Because of the direction of thread pattern. Some tires have that “>” pattern to part the water like Moses or something. But if you switch the tire around that pattern would look like this “<” and I don’t thats good on wet roads.

Water might pool up. That makes sense.

And it’s not like I could swap a good tire from the other side of the car either. What if I’m rolling 4 directional tires? :shrug:

whats wrong with the spare? if you would only be going for a short distance on a directional tire on the wrong way, then why not just run the spare?

I don’t know man. Just be careful when raining I think this is our dry season until spring(tornado season). Just change them out when jan.15 comes :wink:

neil as long as the tire is in the rear you’ll be fine in the rain even at high speeds you shouldnt have a problem with it i had to do it on my lexus i had no problems

Ok thanks. :up:

my boy got new rims and drove for 3 weeks before he showed them to me. he had 2 on wrong. they were directional. i told him to swap them around. he had no problems.

i think its funny so i will share

and i pimp a fillsize steele in the back also

i treid to put a full size steelie in the back, and it was too big, and it made the floor stick up… :squint:

i took out the cardboard thing for now. i have the fullsize becuase 2 tires are going bald. (got 2 new tires yesterday) i will leave it in during my holiday traveling buttake it out afterward.

i’ve got a direction al as a spare also… I have not had a problem when in use, not ideal, and should be replaced as soon as you can get a new tire… but it is fine

one of the potheads from Phi Strange who shared a parking lot with our FSAE team had 4 diectional tires going the wrong way on his Outback.