VAFC or VAFC 2? -Searched-

I’ve been looking at reviews on the site about the VAFC. Everything sounds pretty straight-forward and I don’t need any info on the product.

My question is that seeing that I have a B17 (It seems the VAFC 2 is mainly for I-VTEC) which would be better? What’s the difference between VAFC and VAFC 2; If they’re both fully compatible I would like to know.

Also is the VAFC “boost” referring to the VTEC boost or would you only get a VAFC with turbo/VTEC?

Sorry, I know there is alot of VAFC threads but I just couldn’t get my questions answered in any of them. Thanks for the information in advance.

both r basically the same thing, vafc 2 just has couple more options and u can tweak things more. like more fuel point adjustments. annd also u can lock it so no one can change the settings. both will b fine 4 ur setup. it can b used 4 mild boost as a piggyback system

Awesome, thanks alot man. I just had to clarify somethings about it.

ur welcome glad i could help