valve spring install...

im having a hell of a time getting my valve springs re-installed… the spring compressor i have is a pos and so i cant get them compressed enough w/ out using a socket and then i cant get the little retainers into place… does anyone have any suggestions of how i can get those retainers installed??? o, btw, i am using a rented powerbuilt spring compressor, so if u can give me some advice specific to that compressor that would be awesome… thanx guys.

try using white grease to hold the retainer locks in place, otherwise you will never get them on.

what do u mean? what is white grease and how do u use it to hold the retainers in place?

get a tube of some white grease at your auto parts store, it’s not a super thick grease, so it will let oil get everywhere anyways, but you gotta butter your locks, and valve stem where the locks hold it, and you put the locks on. the grease will hold the locks on because it’s thick so when you de compress your spring, everything will fall into place, and you won’t lose an eye. just make sure the locks are on there nicely before letting go of the spring and wear your safety goggles, you just never know.

take a piece of tubing about the 1.5 in long and the size of the spring retainer, and cut the side out of it so you can reach in with a pair of needle-nose pliers and put the keepers in.

thanx for the input guys, but i got my intake springs installed last night… i just used a socket to compress the spring and i dropped in the locks… it took some time, but i got em.