very strange clutch/clutch cable issue

In need of some help here, car is suddenly not doing well.

When I start the car and depress the clutch I am feeling a grinding/overall rough feel to the pedal and suddenly am having problems getting the car into gear.

When the engine is off, the pedal moves in and out smoothly…When the engine is running I feel a resistance…A grinding feeling at the pedal like something is rubbing against the cable. But what could possibly be different to the clutch cable’s operation when the car is off and on?

Anyones help is appreciated, I have had lots of issues with loosening tightening the cable to know that this doesnt seem like one of them. Not to mention it was fine went I went to work, and not fine when I came home.

Have never felt anything like this and the car will now barely go into gear.


possibly throwout bearing

jesus, the trans has only been in the car for 6 months…As for the throwout bearing, I believe I bought one that the guy had and said was 'good as new" :S
I watched him lube it all up and install it. Everything seemed fine…Not that that means anything.

i just re-routed the clutch cable to make sure but same problem…Car only goes into gear when forced after 4 tries. i can hear a sort of whirr/grindy sound when the car is running and pedal is half depressed.

Speaking of depressed :S

Any other suggestions? Im gonna do some research on the throwout bearing to see if other peoples problems sound the same.

thanks integra newbie for your input.

no problem just the first thing that came to mind that might be


Anyone ever tried Beck Arnley Clutch?

Damn I meant to start a new thread with that title…

I did some research on g2ic regarding throwout bearings and it sound like either that or my pressure plate is shot. If anyone knows how I can tell the difference please chime in…Thanks

well cant tell ya exactly how to tell the difference BUT i can suggest if its one or the other might as well put in a new clutch kit since its apart and of course that includes disk, pressure plate, and pilot and throwout bearings

The reason i ask is the pressure plate is an ACT heavy duty and retails for over $300 as well the clutch disc is not worn at all…Its basically new, Ive seen it with my own eyes less than 6 months ago when it was installed.

I guess once I get the trans off the problem will be quite evident. Either the throwout bearing is seized or the pressure plate will be so worn it will be noticeable.

ouch that sucks man well hope its not that then and just something more minor like the bearing

Sounds like a stretch clutch cable to me. GL

Sounds like a stretch clutch cable to me. GL

really? Hmmm…I will say that i removed and re-routed the clutch cable and it did improve a little…I can get it into gear now but its still all chunky and not shifting smoothly. i suppose it can’t hurt to change the clutch cable before I haul the thing apart.

The thing that gets me though is that when the engine is off I dont feel the grinding at the pedal, but when the engine is on and you depress the cable in half way you can feel something like…Grinding against the cable. Like some moving part is affecting it somehow.

Ive read a few threads on here and a few people who have had throwout bearing problems seem to match my problem.

Blkack1 any way I can check for sure?


I have a known good clutch cable and in an effort to clean out my garage you can have it if you pay for shipping on it. at the cost of shipping it and the price of a new one, I not sure it would realy be cost effective to try it.

just shoot me an email if your interested

Well thanks man, that’s a kind offer. I’m not sure though, as you say, if that’s a cost effective way to sus out this problem.

I dont know much about transmissions but, the fact that I only feel the resistance/grinding when I have the motor running tells me this has something to do with a moving part somehow.

maybe something in there shifted…Release bearing slipped through the fingers of the a worn pressure plate and the grinding Im feeling at the pedal is the clutch plate coming in contact with the flywheel a bit.

One thing is, when I do engage a gear while driving it doesnt grab hard like it used to…It grabs soft and slow…In case any of this can help anyone diagnose what it might be.

Thanks for looking.

If you change the pressure on the clutch pedal, and either a noise starts or stops, its usually the throw out bearing. At least in my experience.

If you decide to replace it, just get all new parts. The last thing you need, is to replace one part, and have another fail requiring you to pull it apart all over again.

I cannot see the noise your describing being the cable. The cable if stretched, would cause the engagement point to drop closer to the floor, and thats about it. The only way the cable would cause a noise, is if it was moving and made a noise while moving only. If you moved it but held it an inch or so down, it would stop making noise if it was the cable. Like a creaky door hinge, its not going to make noise when closed or open, only while in movement between closed and open. Make sense?

Thanks operator207 for the good info. The more I research this thing the more I think it is the release bearing. If when i depress the clutch pedal the bearing starts spinning…then that has to be causing the grinding im feeling. As well, if its seized in some way its very possible it is not moving freely all the way and out, causing the clutch not to go in and out of gears smoothly.

Here’s a question for you guys though…

Everyone says how easy the clutch cable is to change…Yet i can’t seem to see (or access) how to remove it from the pedal side. removing from the trans and the rest of the way is easy but…how on earth does that thing come off at the pedal?

Ive searched away on google and g2ic but unfortunately there isnt any kind of walk through…Only a bunch of people saying how easy it is. lol

Once I figure out what is wrong for sure i will update this thread in case it helps anyone in th future with the same problem.

to remove from the pedals have to put some slack in the cable then it just unhooks from the pedal under the dash. the pedal has kind of a hook on it that the cable hooks onto, then pull the gromet out of the firewall and remove. ill try to get pics tonight if ya need

ahhh i see it has a hook thingy on it…thats good to know, thanks man. I had my head up in there but i just couldnt get a clear view to see how it was attached.

Ill def let you know if I have any problems…now all i gotta do is find a cable locally, that should tell me one way or another if I have to remove the trans…though Im pretty sure I do.

Thanks for the help!

here ya go i remembered i had this saved cause i was looking up prices of new cables also

can see how it hooks up exactly and they arent cheap from the dealer :frowning: