vibrating shift knob, rattling noise fix

ok, i have had the problem of my shfit knob rattling and vibrating when i am driving, after i installed my short shifter.

i know that there are lots of people out there that have had the same problem as i did. i tried everyting, putting some kind of insulator in the shift knob to absorb the shock, everything.

well, the answer to my problem came to me when i was installing my new exhaust. to be rid of the problem, do this:

jack up the car
move your exhaust so u can get at the shifter
take a socket wrench or regular wrench and tighten the nut and bolt that connects the shifter to the shift linkage.

thats it!!

just make sure that you dont tighten it too tight, becuase u wont be able to shift gears. that little nut comes loose sometimes, so just tighten it a little and the rattling problem should go away. GoOd LuCk!

This might sound like a stupid question but, is there a chance the bolt might slip out if the nut has been rattling for a long period? You mentioned that the little nut comes loose sometimes. I assume it gets even more loose from the vibrations.

I’ll have to look up the torque specs for that nut. Would self locking nuts or a loctite type of compound work to prevent the nut from getting loose in the future?

I may have answered my questions but what do you think?:confused:

the nut that have is a lock nut. i do not know if there is a chance for the bolt to slip out. use a lock nut, and when ur short shifter starts rattling again, then tighten it more

the instructions for my b&m ss said to tighten it to 16ft lbs

kewl… I got a B&M also but the damn installers neglected to put the instructions in my box even after I specifically said to.

thanx for the torque spec…