Vtec activated cutout\dumppipe

just a lil brain storm. old schol cutouts are available in either mechanical or electrical opening. If you were to get the electric one and place it just before the cat. Then wire it to the Vtec silenoid (with relay of course). You know how there is a sound difference when you go into vtec. this would make the meanest vtec in the world (sound wise, plus some power maybe). Also wire in two switches one to disable it completely and one to activate it all the time. for a turbo this could kick some ass i think. what do you guys think of my GHETTO idea???

Oh yeah i also use the silenoid to activate my water sprayer which works wonders. and with a little bit of knowledge about turbo edit you could wire it in there to a “shift” light and set it to activate at whatever RPM u see fit

it’ll be easy to wire something up to your shift light. when the set rpm is hit, it sends power to the 2 wires that lights up the bulb. you can have it set to turn on a motor that powers a pump to spray the i/c or whatever you want.

the vtec actuated dumppipe sounds like a good idea, but at times if you just drive at high rpm’s, then what’ll happen? your dumppipe will keep turning on and off on and off, etc… but if you just have it on a valve, you can just have it on or off, cause then when your racing, or just gunnin it, you obviously dont care how loud it is, so you mindaswell have it open at the cat at all times after you get to a certain speed, then line it back in when your done… :shrug:

good idea though…

Yeah taht was my original plan. to active my e0cutout via vtec signal. Would work good specially sicen I’m boosted too :smiley:

i work with 12v electronics for a living, as far as the unwanted opening thats why i suggested a switch to diable it whenever you like and another to open it all the time. could you imagine, your at 2000rpm and you get on it, stock exhaust is nice and quiet then you hit 4000 and BAM your running a straight pipe lol. it would probably hurt more than help on a NA car but it would be loud as hell lol. but on a turbo it would help a good bit i think.