Vtec Oil line leak.

Alright. I had my LSvtec setup for like… 3-wks so far and now my Vtec Oil line Leaks where it’s tapp on the block… hmmm… do i have to replace that? or… what should i do… people say it’s suppose to stay still but it wiggles side to side… if anyone knows about this, drop some info!. thanks to all who replys.

I had an oil leak before on my old Lsvtec set-up, but I had an Eagle/Earl lsVtec oil line which fed from the oil pump.

In your case, I would get under the car, and unscrew the oil line, and check the threads to see if they are stripped. If it’s not stripped, then first try some teflon tape.
Also, did you use a flared fitting? (It’ll look kinda like a cone on the end, which makes an air-tight seal against the female fitting it mates to.)

I hope this helps.