want to replace my ebay header with a quality header that will get me more power

Ok i want to replace my ebay header with a quality header that will get me more power. I have the stock b18a1 and header back exhaust and cold air intake. suggestions will be great thanks

If you just want a little better quality, you could go with a DC Sports or Greddy, but I doubt either will make significantly more power on a stock engine than the eBay header. You could always spend around $500 and get something like this one, but you probably won’t see significant gains on a stock engine: http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=184246

What header do you have currently?

I dont think there are many headers on the market that are going to net you much more than you already have… seeing as how the engine is stock.

IMO, if the header you have right now isn’t leaking, I’d focus on upgrades to improve the flow/output of your engine, and then choose a header that best suits what you have done.

Skunk2 has a new header its expensive but check it out

You must understand that a header doesn’t give you more power; it frees up what power you have & allows your engine get closer to it’s optimum performance.

You’ll need to improve flow in other areas first, as Sean B said. Do you have intake & a cat-back exhaust now? What is the diameter of the current cat-back? Do you have a high-flow cat? If not, get that stuff first.

A better intake manifold will help a lot. Blox, Skunk2, etc, You may wanna get a bigger throttle body, or have yours matched to the intake mani.

The last sentence leads to the best flow improvement possible- head work.

A good port & polish job will give you more flow than any other mod; & consequently, more power all over. ( especially the mid-top end) According to Hionda Tuning, the engineers @ Honda did a pretty good job on the heads in the B-series line-uip. So they recommend a simple smoothing of the appropriate areas, & of course matching the ports to the runners. Nothing too extreme required.

After all this flow improvement, the next step would be to get a good tune done. This may mean getting a chip so the fuel/air flow maps can be tweeked, as well a a few other goodies. Once again, no need to go big here. A basic chip, such as a Hondata S100 will be more than enough. If you wanna get into tuning your own ECU, then the upgrade is optional, but not needed. That being said, Datalogging & real-time programming is killer!!!

As for fuel & ignition mods, you can skip most of them. Once again, Honda did well w/ The B series. Ignition & spark are good to 300hp. No pressure regulators or high flow rails needed. No super-duper ignition coil & 10mm wires required. DO get some good plugs, (NGK iridium IX FTW!) but OEM rotor, cap, fuel filter, pump, etc. is groovy unless you’re building a turbo setup.

Well, that’s my input/opinion. Hope this helps, cause that was a lot of typing!!


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