Water Coming Out Exhuast (I did Search)

First off let me say I did search and found some info, but nothing particular to my situation.

Ok my integra has been acting very strange lately, it seems to be vibrating like crazy, has a faint ticking around the distributor area, and is leaking water from the exhuast.

The water has been coming out my exhaust for a long time now, never really thought about it too much until it ate a hole in my brand new muffler!!! The old one had horrible rust so I just figured it was the harsh winter, but this one was installed just this spring and is already rusting in the corner where the water leaks out. The water is clear and comes out in “more than condensation” quantities, I smelled it and it’s kinda like a band aid smell. It comes out really quickly as well, I start my car and within a few minutes this stuff is dripping. When I park the car for a few minutes there is a puddle, this only happens after the car runs though. I have never had any problems with overheating and my radiator seems to be working ok, no smoke coming out the tailpipe, and the performance is still there.

Any Ideas?
Thanks For Your Time,

does the motor loose any water?.. it could just be alot of condensation

Ya, keep an eye on your water overflow tank and see if it is slowly dropping. If so, it could be a headgasket problem letting alittle coolant into the combustion chambers.

Take your car for a 20 minute drive on a hwy if possible, then pull it over and see if it is still coming out. Good luck.

I’ll check my coolant fluid tomorrow and make sure, my coolant overflow has like nothing in it at all, but last time I checked my radiator was full right to the very top. I was really hoping it wasn’t the head gasket, wouldn’t my car run like absolute crap if coolant was leaking into any of the cylnders? I think my radiator if full of antifreeze (I belive) and is lime green in color, so wouldn’t it kinda have a green color to it?

I hope it’s not the head gasket :frowning:

stick your finger in the tailpipe and smell the fluid coming out if you smell coolant mixed in with the water, you may need a new head my friend, same thing happened to my car it’s just the engine went along with the head :bawl:

Well… It doesn’t exactly come out the tail pipe, it actually comes out the mufflers lower corner (Since it created a new hole there). I did smell the fluid and as I mentioned above it kinda like a rubbery/band aid kinda smell. It’s clear as can be, I somehow think your right though :frowning:

I just checked the radiator and it is filled right to the top, I did notice a couple things. My overflow bottle is empty, my radiator is a dual core radiator, and there was a spot for a hose that my car didn’t have, the guy who installed it said it was for a auto tranmission version, and put a cap on it, however the cap is not there anymore. The exhaust manifold is very rusted and has a white residue on it, like salt or somthing that burn on it. I do somtimes smell somthing funny when I travel for any long distance, I just thought it was my stage 1 clutch getting hot. I also noticed that there may be a leak in my oilpan gasket. So the radiator is full, the overflow is empty, so it doesn’t seem that I am losing coolant fluid, since I haven’t filled it in over a year. Any ideas?

First of all, check for coolant in the oil. It’ll make the oil look something like chocolate milk and it’s a dead giveaway for a leaking head gasket or cracked head. Coolant will destroy the lubricating abilities of the oil, so if you see it do not run the engine! If the oil looks normal, move on. You may still have a slow leak though, so check that oil regularly.

Add some coolant to the overflow bottle. It’ll make it easier to monitor the coolant level. Then do this:

Condensation is normal when the exhaust is cold. The hot exhaust gases contain water vapour which condenses on the cold surfaces of the exhaust pipes and muffler. Once the muffler and tail pipe are warm, the condensation should stop. If it doesn’t, suspect the head gasket or a cracked head. Also keep an eye out for overheating and white smoke from the exhaust.

Keep us posted. Good luck!

EDIT: The extra inlet on your radiator is for the auto transmission oil cooler.

I took the car for the ride today and when I got home no water at all :slight_smile:
I forgot to mention that I live in a VERY small town and the car doesn’t get a lot of travel (especially cause I live right above work lol), so I don’t know if that maybe contributes. Also I checked the oil and it is at a healthy level and doesn’t appear to be “creamy”. Everytime I add fluid to the overflow it always empties itself somwhere, I think I posted about this before and a couple people told me they had that problem. I should mention it didn’t happen until I got my new radiator, which was over 1 1/2 ago (The overflow being empty not the water dripping). I do know there is a very very very slight leak in one of the hoses for the radiator, it’s a very thin hose and it needs a new clamp to keep it tight is all. Could it be possible that is where my overflow is going?

P.S. How hard is it to replace the oil pan gasket?

Thanks for all the help so far everyone, I really do appreciate it very much.

Thats why I said to take it for at least a twenty minute ride, then check to see if it is still coming out. If you only make 5 - 10 minute trips, you never burn the condensation out of the exhaust system. When you said you searched, I figured this would be the first thing that you would of seen.

I didn’t realise that this much water would come out, from what I read on the posts didn’t make me think it was the same amount of water. I mean so much is coming out that it ate a hole in my 3 month old muffler.