Weird Rev limiter Prob. GSR

Alrighty so i just finished my b18c1 swap into my 1993 integra. Bought a VAFC II an wired it up. Vtec crossover is set at 4800. Heres the situation. Starting out in first gear it usually revs to 8000rpm but shift to second gear once it makes it to about 6500rpm its like rev limiter kicks in, happends an all gear after that. if i turn the car off an then back on while driving it will go to 8 but then do the same thing right after. Though maybe it was the ecu so i dropped a p30 in an it ran fine no problems. put the p72 in my friends Civic Si an nothing went wrong swapped back an it did it again… any ideas?

Sounds like you might have a faulty ECU:shrug:

See thats kinda what I thought but does it make sense that it didnt cause problems in my friends car though?

I must have misread your post, I thought you said your friends ecu worked in your car not vise verrsa.

I would start by double checking your wiring.

oh sorry, Yeah we swapped ECUs his worked fine in mine an mine worked fine in his.

bump for a way to rev past 65 haha

Have you triple checked your wiring? If the ECU works fine in your buddies car, I would check over the VAFC wiring. Does it throw a check engine light, and have you read the code?

i say unplug anything that isnt stock, start with the vafc then go from there.

Any luck?