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So you have a coveted G2 Acura Integra, also known as “DA” Integra! Congrats! G2IC members have been helping each other with their 2nd generation Integras (1990-1993 USDM) since 1997. We make lasting friendships here.

The club’s website has gone through some rough times. While extremely popular in the 2000s, the forum has slowed down considerably since the advent of social media platforms, and understandably, people getting newer cars as their lives change. In the early 2010s, the forum software also became buggy and unresponsive due to security holes. It was extremely difficult to move onto a new forum software — the process took years and several attempts — and finally completed in 2022.

There is a wealth of information here on everything you need to know about your DA Integra. I hope that you participate and enjoy your stay.


Glad the site is back up! It was clutch in the 2000s.

this site has so much info