Went to the track last night

On Friday nights from 7pm to 11pm at Cayuga, its called fast n the furious Fridays. So my cousin
and I drove down last minute to try out my shitbox. When I got there it was packed. So I didn’t
have time to change my plugs or change my rims/tires. I just unloaded the car and went stright for
the staging lanes. There was over 70 cars there so I got to make 3 passes.

               1st pass 2nd pass 3rd pass
               60/ 2.501 2.443 2.517
               330/ 6.498 6.557 6.545
               1/8 10.003 9.739 9.573 
               mph/ 69.63 79.79 82.72
               1000/ 12.861 12.363 12.139
               1/4 15.168 14.560 14.303
               mph 98.90 103.17 104.30

               1st pass I damn near missed all the gears. @10psi
               2nd pass- I was spinning tires through 1st 2nd and 3rd @10psi
               3rd pass- I turned down the boost to 8 psi to help my traction situation.

               I never got one clean pass with no glitches. If I could hit the gears right with a sticky tire I know I
               can run deep 12's because on the way home I was racing a couple c5 Vettes from a rolling start and
               both of the Vettes lost by about a car length (mind you they were runing 107mph at the track). The
               thing that perplexes me is that I put 1 gallon of c16 in my car so I could crank up the wick and
               didn't end up utilizing it. I get way better traction on the street then I did at the track. I was running
               my 205/40/17 @ 24psi of tire pressure. The mph shows me the potential at low boost levels. I
               would like to have a day to set this car up properly. With the line ups there that night I got 1 pass
               every hour, and thats without pitting. But overall I am pleased with my mph on radial tires and 8 psi

Not bad, but sounds like traction needs some work! Time for a pair of slicks up front (beefier axles too) … what are you running for suspension?