what cams would a 2000 civic si have?

i just bought one of these heads. it looks almost brand new. i opened up the valecover to explore and noticed that the cams (after taking off the camcaps) did not have any grooves on them. they look like b16a (xsi) cams. should the cam ends have some sort of pattern or would they also have b16a cams??? thanks!

most likely 160hp b16 cams…

really? wow.

yes… the 99 si put out 160 hp not 170 like the sirII. the xsi b16s also put out 160

damn!!! :frowning: well, 300 is not bad i guess. with obd2 manifold. now i just need to figure out if i can use the obd2 injectors with obd1

$300 is a good deal on the head. you cant expect any good stock cams anyways. just get some skunk2 tuner stage 1 or bc3+

you can use those injectors, but need to change the clips; not too hard. i’m using h22 obd2 injectors on my 93 integ

however, you might as well just trade for a set of obd1 92-95 injectors… they are all the same 240cc vtec or no vtec.
unless you need to upgrade them for your motor

my car is obd0 converted to obd1. i bever changed the inection system over. i was thinking of eliminating the resistor box… maybe i should just ger the obd 0’s. thanks!