what color or paint i should get?

i want to paint the clear part of the stock taillights to make it all red…i need the color that would match the stock red lens so i dont have to paint the whole thing…thank u g2ic

the only paint best you should use is the transparent red. you can get those from the hobbie toy stores! looks like smoke red when you use them!

u didnt really answer my question rite…thanks anyway


i am pretty sure its cherry red .

ic…what about the candy apple red? translucent red?

u can check out integra2316 in the members section to see how they look in cherry red

Originally posted by importracerrr
ic…what about the candy apple red? translucent red?

is the candy apple red, and transulcent red the same?

and uh, what exactly should i tape up,

only the top part, leaving the rim of it open so it can be painted red. What abou the side, paint the grill, or put tape over the grill so stays black, thxs



yeah i know that, it says nothing about recommended paint & tape areas, i was asking for suggestions.