What ECU for B18C5 in OBD 0 integra

Read the teg tip engine swap guide, But was wondering how effective a B16A ECU would run a B18C5?
Does someone have a program for this swap?
Any help would be great.

obd0 b16 ecu’s are garbage. run an ls obd0 pr4 with one wire vtec it is one of the easiest ecu’s to wire in for a vtec motor and many programs support it for tuning.

Use a PR4? Never heard of that before. How is this achived?

basically KraZEtEggIE is saying to use the ecu that was already in the car…the pr4. Non-vtec 90-93 ecu’s. Use it with your b18c swap and wire up vtec. I read the teg tips, and it tells you how to properly wire vtec to the existing pr4 ecu.

it does? didn’t know that. read up on pgmfi.org about ecu controlled 1 wire vtec. you pretty much have extra outputs on your ecu and you can use them for anything you want.

OK but the PR4 ECU doesn’t even have Vtec. How do you get this to work?

i just told you read pgmfi.org. any good tuner can set you up with a chip that will allow you to run one wire vtec.

yes, the pr4’s came in 90-93 non vtec integras…and to find out how to wire vtec to the pr4 ecu, you can either check out the link KraZEtEggIE hooked you up with, or go to the teg tips under b series engine swap info…and it’ll tell you all you need to know about swapping the b18c5 in your da…:salute:

Why would you want to use a pr4 LS fuel maps/ timing and a 6500rpm rev limiter on a motor that needs much much more than just a ghetto ass pr4 ecu. Do it right, buy a pr3 or pw0 ecu and buy a vtec subharness for obd0 from rywire.com. To use a ls ecu on a itr motor would be unthinkable. There are tuning programs out there like turbo edit, BRE, and some other one i cant think of at this time. You just have to get a tuner that is familiar with using these programs. Or just be better off and convert to obd1 and run a p28 that could be chipped for w/e program you would want to run, hondata, crome, neptune, etc… Becuase most all tuners are able to tune on obd1 much more easily.

why would u do this?? i could see this as a temp fix to get ur car running for a like a few days while waiting for an ecu but in all reality to actually run this like this is stupid… maybe for a b16 it would be okay but i dont see it being able to make the motor perform the way it should perform. honestly get a jumper harness and swich obds to make it run right. just look at it this way… u spend all this money for this motor. do u want it to perform??? if u do then get the right ecu…

i may have been unclear in my original wording but i certainly didn’t say to use stock ls maps or redline. the obd0 vtec ecu’s are rare, expensive, and last i checked it wasnt as supported by bin editing. ls ecu’s are dime a dozen, easy to convert to one wire vtec, and can be tuned just as well as a vtec ecu. i will be running a b18c1 on an obd0 pr4 ecu very soon, and i actually have an obd0 vtec ecu sitting in my garage.

EDIT: did you just tell him the right way is to run a stock b16 ecu on some crap jumper harness?

Please explain why obd0 b16 ecu’s are garbage.

on some crap jumper harness? And your telling him to wire vtec to a LS ecu with one wire??? lol

Your not reading right, i never said anything about running a stock b16. And its a “subharness” to correctly run all wires for vtec to the right “pr3” ecu. Its very straight forward procedure. About the rare obd0 b16 ecu’s, there very easy to obtain, i had throw a b17 in my 90’ DA becuase my b20’s bottom end had a slight knock. I had to have an pr3 or pw0 ecu within a week. I was able to find a pr3 ecu for $90 shipped from a guy off honda-tech. Had the motor in that weekend and pinned in the vtec subharness into the ecu plugs, and no problems what so ever. So i guess i should of used my ls ecu instead huh?

Ya I’m still abit confussed. Truth is I wanted to find out if I could cut some corners by running a PR3. seems like if I’m going to run a B18C5 I should go OBD 1 and do it right. Unless someone out there has a good program (Chip) to run a PR3 with a B18C5…

To be honest your better off converting to obd1 and buy a p28 and have it chipped for crome and go to any “honda” tuner and have him tune on it. Crome compared to these old obd0 tuning programs is not even worth staying obd0, there is a huge difference. Crome is free and has ben proven over and over that its a great program to run. And if you decide to stay obd0 good luck trying to find a tuner that is familiar with any obd0 prgrams, most tuners dont even waste there time with obd0.

You might be able to get by with a PR3, but it probably won’t be running all that great. Converting to OBD1 and having it tuned like AllMotorDA said is the best way. If you are going to put all of that money into an engine, you want to get the most out of it. Everyone claims to be running B20’s with stock LS ecu’s with no problem. However, after mine did not run right, I had it chipped and tuned, and it is now a completely different car (runs really smooth, revs higher, and puts out way more power). You will have just as much if not more of a difference in the power and displacement between a B16 ecu and B18C5 engine, as I did with my swap. OBD1 + chrome + dyno tuning = a smooth, powerful, and reliable setup.

i may be in the same boat as well. i posted elsewhere but there seems to be more of a discussion over here than elsewhere, despite being an old post.

i am hoping to do an engine swap into a 1990 integra rs obd0. the engine i am hoping to get is a b18c5 obd2, but it dosen’t appear to have an engine harness or ecu, but it does have almost all it’s obd2 accessories, such as the alternator, injectors, etc. after reading all of this i realized and the teg tips, i am really really confused… what should i be doing for an ecu or management, and harnesses?

the only local honda tuning source i could find does hondata.