What is that rattle on cold morings???

Recently I have noticed that since it has been getting colder in the mornings, for about the first 5 minutes that I am driving, I can hear a vibration/rattle, almost like an irregular ticking sound, that sounds like it is coming from the engine compartment, perhaps on the left side. It seems to go away after I warm up. I don’t know if it’s relationship to the cold weather is coincidence or not. It is not particularly loud or violent, just annoying. Any thoughts??

in my case it was the speedo cable, but for you it can be the pulleys of power streering or the a/c. also the shop manual sates that some noise is normal for the power streering system until it warms up.

Mine too. it goes away when it warms up.

does it sound like, when you put a playing card in the spokes of your bike wheel when you were younger? kinda muffled sound like that?

I get that on cold mornings too… it goes away after a few minutes of driving, but right annoying as hell.

Yes, it does sound somewhat as you described. It has only started in the last 2 months, and I have had this car since new.

I have it too! I was thinking it was my hood release cable?
Any thoughts?:rolleyes:

hmmm…if it rattles and then kind of goes away when the engine is warmer, it sounds like it may be that you need a valve adjustment. When the parts heat up, they expand and fit a little more snug and 'cause less chatter. That’s my opinion on the problem anyway.:smiley:


That is a reasonable hypothesis and something that I hadn’t considered.

I think it’s one of my axles… cause I think I need new axles… but it only happens when first thing in the morning… or if the car has been sitting for a right long time.