What is this rattle sound coming from my dashboard?? Could some please answer this.

Ok heres my problem. My car has a rattle. Now i can allready see half of you shaking your heads but hear me out. At first i thought it was my speedo cable, so i pulled it out and greased it up. Its not the cable. The sound gets louder the higher the revs and the more throttle i give it. if im doing say 110kmh and put it in neutral the sound goes away, but when i gas it, the sound gets louder the higher the revs. It honestly sounds like a gyro or something spinning around. I thought it was something in my guage cluster so i pulled it out and drove around the block, still there, behind the dash somewhere. I pulled my dash out and couldnt see anything loose. Has anyone had this problem?? Ill keep my car until im 150 years old if i dont find the sound, i have to know what it is. It haunts my dreams.

Are you sure it’s coming from the dash? If so, could it be something loose? However, if it’s coming from the engine bay you might want to check the engine. Possibly your valves? Good luck.

was going to say the same thing. If the sound goes away when you’re in neutral and comes backw hen you accelerate, i doubt its got anything to do with your speedo cable or gauges since those are still moving when you’re in neutral.

I have a similar noise, but i dont think it goes away when i put the car in nuetral…let me know if you ever find out what it is.

does the dash shake at all? mine used to really shake bad so i had it looked at and my motor mounts were shot. ive only replaced 2 of them so far and its already gotten better… check that maybe?

also maybe theres something caught in your vents?

i duno just a thought, gl

my dash doesnt shake, and im pretty sure the mounts are straight. The noise is coming from right behind the gauge cluster!!

ya its definatley coming from behind the cluster, im ripping my dash out this weekend.

it has to be your speedo… try to find a new one. Its tedious work but once the cluster is out you can do it in an hour or so. I had the SAME exact problem and it was my speedo. Grease did not solve mine either. The only thing that sounds weird is that you drove around with your speedo out and it still made that noise?

ya i drove around with the cable in my passenger seat and it was still there. There must be something in my vents or something.

what about the tach or did you have all the gauges out when you had the speedo cable out???

powa steering maybe?

yup had the gage cluster out, speedo cable out, everything. I did have the hazard switch hooked up though so my turn signals would work hehe. I also noticed that when it idles, if i put my ear up to my fender i can hear it rattling. But its louder in the car, i will find out what it is, it haunts my dreams.

Does the sound go away when you step the clutch in? If so, it could be your throwout bearing.

if it’s doing it only when the car is rolling, check your driver’s side axle & wheel bearing. I know my “rattling behind the dash” is coming from one of those 2 problems.

nope its not any of those, this is seriously the biggest mystery of my car, i bet its something stupid like a rock in my vents or something.

Thats The Boogyman

K same here, noise rattling behind dash like mini plastic gears squeaking in intervals as I climb in speed. Needles bounces slightly as well.

Speedo problem? if so where is a good place to order for these such things. New preferably so i don’t have to do it twice.

having the SAME problem!!! I really can only notice mine when I am going 40+mph or cruising on the freeway. It sounds like its coming from right in the gauge cluster or the left side vent! Anyone have a solution. Thanks :bawl:

maybe something here might help…


It’s just the car showing it’s age. haha