what size es endlink?

Hey wasup everyone. I just bought some new front sway bar bushings from es and i wanted to get the endlinks also but i dont know the correct size to buy. Anyone know what size endlink im supposd to get? Thanks in advance.

go to their website and it will tell you the number for it!

yea actually i did that prior to heading over to pepboys and its weird cuz they changed their part numbers or something, i dont know… the part number for their front sway bar bushings on their website reads like “16.something” and at pepboys it reads “9.something” but they both are the same part, a 22mm bushing.

i went to auto zone and they had 9.something es bushings and such hanging on the wall, but i asked the guy at the counter and he said he would have to order the ones for my car!

haha shit… yea i know i checked there too yesterday. same thing too huh 9.something… damn are they changing the part numbers or something?


:gunleft: awWWWWwW man!! i got the fuckn UNIVERSAL part! thats why it starts with “9.something” so they DO have to order the one for our cars! SHIT SHIT SHIT! :bang: :bang: :bang: